Profile supplier gives praise to Iccuna – Iccuna’s factory in Nivala a shining example

There were a lot of happy faces at Iccuna’s factory when representatives from the German profile supplier Veka AG visited the Iccuna factory last week.

“The feedback we received on our operations was very positive. They told us that we are a shining example of window and door suppliers,” says Iccuna Oy’s Production Manager Heikki Manninen.

The visit is part of the continuous collaboration between Iccuna Oy and Veka AG.

“We have brought the best window expertise from all around the world to Finland. With the close cooperation with our profile supplier, we can make sure that our production process is polished to perfection. Our customers see this as flawless products and security of supply,” says Teemu Haapalahti, CEO of Iccuna Oy.

During the visit, Veka AG’s European Sales Manager Theo Hackenholt and technicians Eike Lehrke, Reinhold Siekmann and Benjamin Wolf observed all the different stages of the manufacturing process for windows and doors. The visitors praised in particular the cleanliness and orderliness of the Iccuna factory, the new machinery and equipment used in production and the skilled staff.

In the photo, Theo, Eike and Heikki are investigating a window frame.

Profiilitoimittajalta kiitokset Iccunalle


Press release – Iccuna Oy is finally bringing waterproof windows to Finland

Iccuna Oy is finally bringing waterproof windows to Finland
– Iccuna’s cell-structure is 100% waterproof

Nivala, Finland, 17 April 2015 – Iccuna Oy is bringing a new kind of window thinking to Finland by introducing a 100% watertight selection of doors and windows with a cell-structure and modern tilting and sliding features.

“We wanted to permanently solve the waterproofing problems that construction professionals face with windows when the rains come each autumn. We set out to thoroughly search for answers to the problem and then we found the best window expertise in the world and brought it with us to Finland,” says Teemu Haapalahti, Iccuna Oy’s factory manager.

Iccuna’s waterproofing is based on the unique cell-structure of the window frame and casement. It is a vacuum structure where the cell form a warm and completely sealed whole. To achieve a total seal, the angles of the frame and the casement are welded together. The ingenious cell-structure makes Iccuna windows both water and airtight, as well as uniquely energy-efficient. Iccuna windows are made of a weatherproof, shockproof and non-yellowing PVC material developed specifically for the purpose.

“Traditional Finnish window thinking is at a critical juncture. We have solved the waterproofing problem but at the same time we wanted to make new kinds of tilt and slide features available to general public at no extra cost,” says Haapalahti.

Iccuna’s selection contains tilt & turn windows, sliding doors and windows and large, cost-effective glass walls popular in Central Europe and elsewhere in Scandinavia.


Operations began at the factory as planned

Iccuna Oy has successfully begun the production of doors and windows in the company’s factory in Nivala, Finland.

As the factory is made operational the company tests its modern machinery and equipment, which were delivered by Projecta Oy and made by the German machinery supplier Elumatec AG.

“You cannot compromise in the quality of the machinery and equipment when you are making high-grade products with short delivery times. This is why Iccuna Oy went with the best and most modern machines on the market,” says Teemu Haapalahti, Iccuna Oy’s factory manager.

As the production is started the machines are set to control values and the staff are taught how to use them safely and given the necessary maintenance training. The production process requires that machines provide precision, efficiency and the utmost reliability.


Iccuna Oy’s Factory

Iccuna Oy has signed a lease with Nivala Industrial Park. Iccuna will be allocated 1 000 m² of production facilities and office space at the address Visakuja 3.

“We wanted Iccuna to have premises that are as functional and practical as possible. We also wanted a place where our staff could feel at home,” says factory manager Teemu Haapalahti. “We will also achieve synergy by being close to our suppliers,” he continues.

Founded in 1974, the Nivala Industrial Park, or Nitek, is one of the largest and most vibrant industrial parks in Finland. At the moment the park houses 70 companies that employ approximately one thousand people.