100 % waterproof
windows and doors

100% sealed

Iccuna windows will keep the warmth inside the house. Let the cold and moisture stay outside. Iccuna windows have an ingenious cell- structure that insulates heat. The welds at the angles of the frame and the casement make the windows and doors completely water and airtight.

Tight windows and doors reduce a building’s heat loss. Iccuna is a terrific choice for low-energy buildings. By choosing Iccuna you can remain calm even when the autumn rains begin to fall. Iccuna will not leak – Iccuna is 100% waterproof.

Easy to install – SillSystem™

SillSystem™ is a unique installation package for windows’ interior parts that makes installing windows and doors easy and gives them a polished appearance. The installation package includes ready-made, dimensionally accurate interior jambs and mounting strips. From the outside, the finishing of the Iccuna windows and doors is carried out in the normal manner, with a style appropriate to the building.

SillSystem™ is designed to make the installation of the Iccuna windows and doors easy and simple. It is the fastest and most affordable way to finish your Iccuna windows and doors.


Seeing windows anew

Iccuna offers modern windows and doors to enable new kinds of spatial solutions. Iccuna introduces new kinds of spatial thinking without added costs.

You can choose Iccuna products with a tilt & turn mechanism, tilt & slide mechanism, traditional opening mechanism or fixed installation. Or you can choose any combination of these methods. Iccuna also allows you to build the largest glass surfaces on the market – up to 4.0 x 2.6 metres in size!


Iccuna windows and doors overcome the scorching sun, the freezing cold, moisture and changing temperatures without warping, swelling or rotting. Iccuna is a very long-lasting solution and it does not require constant maintenance or repair paintings. Even as they age, Iccuna solutions remain 100% waterproof.

Iccuna solutions are made using the best possible materials considering the demanding conditions the doors and windows will face. The frames and casements are made of special PVC developed specifically for the purpose and reinforced with steel. The high-quality material guarantees that the solutions will not yellow.

Reliable delivery

Iccuna’s production facilities and the machinery and equipment used in production are all state-of-the-art technology. Our modern manufacturing technology and professional staff ensure successful deliveries to the customer.

Between them, Iccuna staff has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and in making windows and doors. We know what a delay means on a construction site. That is why we take delivery reliability very seriously – and you can rest easy.

Safety to those who need it

Iccuna solutions are terrific for rooms and buildings where safety is paramount.

A safety lock is available as an accessory so you can easily open an Iccuna window to a ventilation position but prevent it from opening all the way without a key. This sort of safety window is ideal for day nurseries, nursing homes, the upper floors of blocks of flats or street-level business premises.

Recycled material

Iccuna windows and doors are made of a material that is the result of extensive product development. The PVC made specifically for the purpose is fully recyclable. During its lifetime the PVC can be used in 7–10 different products.

Special attention has been paid to the process by which the Iccuna material is made, and as a result the process uses less raw materials and energy than regular manufacturing processes. A disused window or door profile can be pulverised, melted and used again.